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Prym.ergonomics lets your creativity flow. Whether if you seek concentration or meditation - your flow is our drive.

After decades of classic knitting needles and sewing supplies, it was time for a revolution. A revolution, bringing more comfort and contemporary aesthetics into handicraft tools. We used our 500-years of quality knowledge to create the Prym Ergonomics line. Our goal was to invent tools based on your needs so that you can enjoy the flow of handicrafts even more.

With functionality and precision, we accompany you into your well-deserved time-out. The design and shape of our Prym Ergonomics range will help you hold the equipment with ease and build your skill, so even the most complicated designs will come to you with ease. We believe that your handicraft projects should comfort you, so we’ve ensured that you have the highest quality and innovative design possible.

Ergonomic Design
Patented Functionality
Excellent Quality

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