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At Prym, we surround ourselves with family. After all, we’re one of Europe’s oldest family-run businesses founded in 1530. So, whether you’re learning a new skill or teaching someone in your family, we have a massive range of products that will help you make the most of your quality time.

After more than 500 years in the world of handicrafts, we’ve invented a few things to help make life easier. From knitting dolls to fabric scissors that slide through the fabric in no time. We create tools that connect generations over handicrafts. No matter if it is creating gifts for loved ones or the first knitting project.

As part of the Prym Quality promise, we know how crucial passing on traditions and skills to your family is. That’s why we have developed our products, so no matter your skill level, or the type of project you’re working on, you can have high quality and long-lasting results.

Years of Tradition and Expertise
Quality in Diversity
Preserved Quality – born in Germany
Solutions for each Level and Art of Handicraft

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